It is this company’s objective not only to comply with the government’s requirements regarding BEE, SMME and SAHDI, but to be a company within which there could be strived to secure a better and brighter future for it’s owners, employees, customers, suppliers and other related parties.

There will be a focus on growing the company in such a way that all aspects of government and industry requirements are met as far as possible. The owners will strive to grow the company adhering to strict rules and with sound financial, engineering, safety and quality standards and principals. It will thus endeavor to grow within the financial capabilities as dictated by its cash flow.


It is our objective not only to employ the best person for the job but also to develop people’s skills and abilities to enable them to improve their quality of life. 

We also employ trainees in addition to our skilled labour force who will after they have been properly trained (developed/skilled) be appointed in better positions as they become available and therefore uplift the standard of living of the lower remunerated people.


Atmei Construction has been independently rated in terms of the BBBEE Act no. 53 of 2003, The Codes of Good Practice 2003 and the codes of good practice 2007. We are a Level Four Contributor with 125% Procurement Recognition Level.

Click here to view a copy of our SANAS BBBEE Verification Certificate.